Ms. Frasca

  • Department: Library Media Specialist
  • Grade(s): K-4th
  • Clarke Elementary School

Mrs. Frasca’s Technology Page

Kindergarten Websites

Grade 1: 

Grade 2:

Grade 3:

Third Graders at Hadley and Clarke  have begun their project entitled “Famous People From Massachusetts”. They will be using many websites that I have collected for them. Click here to open the websites, which are listed in order of the person’s FIRST name. You will visit ALL listed websites about your assigned person and take notes from each.


3rd and 4th grade students use the keyboarding program entitled Type to Learn 4. Our district license provides you the opportunity to download the program at home for continued keyboard practice. Here are the directions you will need to acquire the software.

  1. Go online to
  2. Click either the Windows Client or Mac Client version, depending upon your home computer.The program is quite large so it will take time.
  3. Once loaded, your child will enter the username and password I created for them. The first time you log into the program you will need to enter our access code which is152229.

*The student username is the the first initial and last name with no spaces, capital letters, hyphens, or apostrophes – example John O’Neil’s username would be joneil.

The password is the year the student graduates from high school, which for this year’s 3rd graders, is 2026 and 2025 for 4th graders.

Keyboarding (touch typing) begins in 2nd grade. The website I am using is Dance Mat Typing, a free program that keeps the students engaged as they learn. They may want to practice their keyboarding skills at home so I want to stress that each stage builds upon the previous so try not to skip levels.  Please click here to view the website.

Sky Chase is a fun website to practice your keyboarding as you race against others

Kindergarten and 1st grade students are just learning to type by using websites such as Typing Rockets Jr. and Keyboarding Zoo.


To help the students at the Clarke School  prepare for the National Geographic Geography Bee, I have collected a number of geography web sites for them to visit. They may access this collection by clicking the link GeoBee web sites

Hour of Code

This is the 3rd year of conducting an Hour of Code with the students in grades K – 4. For the past three years, a non-profit dedicated to promoting computer science education, developed a nationwide campaign calling on every student in the world to join an “Hour of Code.” The initiative asked schools, teachers and parents to help introduce more students to computer programming . They were hoping to involve 10 million students and ended up with over 43 million joining in. This year they hope to involve 100 million students! I have attached a link to the online tutorials.

Hour of Code Lesson