Ms. Pacitto

  • Department: Wellness
  • Grade(s): K-4th
  • Stanley Elementary School

Rules and Regulations

  1. Students must come prepared for physical education activity in gym class. Students must  wear clothes that allow for freedom of movement.
  2. Socks are to be worn for physical education class for health and safety   purposes. Novelty shoes (jellies, crocs, heels, heelies, and sandals) are not allowed.There should be no inter-changing of sneakers between pupils. Sneakers must be laced and tied properly during participation in gym class.
  3.  Responsibility for gym clothes (i.e. socks, sneakers, shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, coats) rest entirely upon each pupil.  Students are to prepare for physical education before coming down to the gym and/or outside to the field.
  4. Medical Excuse:  If for some reason a student cannot participate in gym on a particular day, a written excuse signed by a parent or physician must accompany the student to class.
  5. No jewelry is allowed.  Please leave all dangle earrings and other valuable jewelry at home or in the classroom.