Ms. Powers

  • Department: Mathematics
  • Grade(s): 5th
  • Team: 5B Trade Winds
  • Swampscott Middle School

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Welcome to 5th Grade Math!

I hope you are as excited as I am to begin our yearlong exploration into 5th grade math. Throughout the upcoming year we will build on prior knowledge to develop new competencies and deepen our critical thinking and problem solving skills. In addition to the Envision math program, we will employ a variety of activities and lessons anchored in both manipulative and technological resources to construct an understanding of math concepts. Whole class, small group and individual activities will be employed throughout the year. I look forward to welcoming each of you into this enthusiastic community of learners. I am certain that we will have an exciting year ahead filled with fun, challenge and further academic, social and personal growth

Homework Policy

To promote success, it is important that each middle school student be accountable for his or her homework. A small amount of homework is used to review, reinforce, and extend the lessons we learn in the classroom each day. Corrected homework provides an excellent study guide for review prior to topic tests. Your homework grade each term will be based on neatly completing assignments and the effort extended – not the number of correct answers. If you are absent from class, you are responsible for meeting with the teacher upon your return the following morning to see what work was missed A signed note from home is expected for any other missed assignments with the expectation that work will be made up the following day. .

Math Binder

Coming to class each day organized and prepared is an essential ingredient to success. In addition to your B.F.B. binder you will need daily: Math binder (with graph paper) 2 sharpened pencils, a highlighter and math journal. You are expected to keep your papers organized at all times. Maintaining your math binder will be included in the Participation/Homework portion of your grade each term.


Topic Tests 2 quiz grades
Participation/Homework 1 quiz grade per term
Projects 1, 2,or 3 quiz grades depending on complexity of the project
*Re-tests are offered only for serious, extenuating circumstances

Please have parents/guardians initial all tests as they come home.

Extra Help

I am available every afternoon during Advisory time and Mondays immediately after school for extra help. Remember, it is your responsibility to seek clarification when you are unclear or confused. Check with me to confirm a time for extra help if another day is needed.

Classroom Environment

Establishing a positive and respectful environment is essential in the classroom. A learning community can only occur in a space where each member is treated with respect and encouraged to take academic risks. Good behavior, active participation and craftsman-like quality are expected at all time. I look forward to helping establish such a climate and facilitating a positive, productive experience this year


Daily Homework Assignments 

Tuesday May 30, 2017

1) Find a poem to memorize past due=quiz grad
1) Bio Poem needs to be hanging by Thursday June 1 at 2:20
2) Poetry Booklet: Last class day Thursday If time permits please work on your Poetry Booklet at home as this is an at home as well as in class activity. Our poetry Unit will conclude next Friday with a Poetry Slam.

Social Studies:
1. Share Explorer Due Date with Family, Practice= improvement, see Me if you need more time.
2.  Star Reporter Extra Credit turn in by June 14

Finish O.O.O. worksheet
Quiz Thursday

Use notes on Isopod reading to create informational paragraph-due Thursday 6/1

(Wynne): Read 30 minutes